Training opportunities

Movies and the Mythic Imagination, Using Film in Depth Psychology — a one day seminar offered by The Center for Story and Symbol. This is a day on using movies to understand psychological issues. With support, people can evoke qualities enacted by characters, such as courage, tenderness, intelligence, or flexibility. Instruction shows how to reflect on films for symbols and metaphors that illustrate personal challenges.

FilmTX: — FILM Tx offers Continuing Education Seminars for Psychologists, MFT's, LCSW's and Nurses about "Using the Power of Imagery to Heal".

Focusing source:— Focusing is a wonderful method that can be used in cinema therapy to increase awareness while watching a film and therefore to learn and grow from it.

Jeremy Taylor:— About working with dreams which can be similar to working with the responses to films. Jeremy says that movies can be seen as an expression of a collective dream.

Southern Louisiana University:— a description of a course in counseling gifted children that includes a section on the use of cinema therapy.

University of Alabama Birmingham:— The UAB counseling program includes elements of cinema therapy. The site is an extensive one, complete with pages on theory, application, suggested readinngs and links. (this site is also listed on our Usefu page).

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