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Persons listed on this directory are therapists, educators or other professionals actively working with the healing and transformative power of movies. To be listed on this site, please fill out this form. In order to preserve the integrity of this directory, all submissions will be subject to selection and editing by the owner of this site; in order to be fair, all entries will be listed in order of last name.

Stuart Fischoff

Profession: Psychology Professor
Primary occupation:
Degrees, professional certificates, licenses: Ph.D in Clinical Psychology, Lic: PSY4658
Fielding Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA; Emeritus Professor, Cal State University, Los Angeles, CA
Address: 5911 Canyon Heights Lane, Los Angeles, CA, USA 90068
Web site: Journal of Media Psychology, Senior Editor
Phone: 323-466-3078
Began using films in work: 1966
Specialty: Every quarter in several classes I use films to demonstrate psychological principles, conditions, pathologies, coping strategies, dysfunctional life styles, etc.
Publications/presentations: Have written several articles on the subject and have been interviewed extensively over the years in print and on television. Presently supervising student on doctoral dissertation in area of cinematherapy and its effectiveness.

Ursula Szabo Henningsson

Profession: psychologist, filmscientist
Primary occupation:
Degrees, professional certificates, licenses: MS
private practice
Address: Föreningsgatan 54/c, Malmö, Sweden, 21214
Web site:
Phone: 070.679.3111
Began using films in work: 2000
Specialty: individual and grup therapy with borderline patients, PTSD, burn-out
Publications/presentations: Pschologyauthor of 2 bocks, many appereances in the media(TV, print, radio)

Pekka Lehto

Profession: Director, Karhula Clubhouse
Degrees, professional certificates, licenses: specially trained nurse for psychiatry, movie therapist
Southeast Finland's Socialpsychiatric Association
Address: Koskivirrantie 6, Anjalankoski, Kymi, Finland 46910
Web site: (Finnish) (English)
Phone: (358) 5 49 202 59
Began using films in work: 1979
Specialty: active movie therapy (= making own therapeutic videos and using game consoles in therapy)
Publications/presentations: About Movie Therapy (1996) in Finnish, The End /Happy Beginning (1997) in Finnish, Movie as a Transitional Object (1997) in Finnish, Window and Mirror in Movies (1997) in Finnish, several articles & interviews in Finnish magazines and newspapers

Francis Lu

Profession: Psychiatry
Primary occupation: Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, UCSF
Degrees, professional certificates, licenses:
MD, Board-Certified, CA license
Department of Psychiatry, San Francisco General Hospital, UCSF
Address: 1001 Potrero Avenue, San Francisco, CA, USA 94110
Phone: 415.206.8984
Fax: 415.206.8942
Began using films in work: 1987
Specialty: Films and transpersonal psychology
Publications/presentations: Since 1987, I have co-led 17 five-day film seminars at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA on films and transpersonal psychology. 12 have been co-led with Brother David Steindl-Rast.

Tina Murzynski

Profession: Behavioral Health Therapist
Degrees, professional certificates, licenses: Bachelors in Psychology, Peer Counselor, CNA, PCA, movie therapist
Deerfield Behavioral Health, Child, Adolescent and Adult Behavioral Therapist
Address: PO Box 126, McKean, PA, USA 16426
Web site: Cinema Therapy for Children and Adolecents
Phone: (814) 476-0690
Began using films in work: 2002
Specialty: Child/Adolescent Cinema Therapy

Frank Sommers

Profession: Psychiatrist
Primary occupation:
Private Practice
Degrees, professional certificates, licenses: M.D., and Fellow, Royal College of Physicians, Canada
Lecturer (retd), University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine
Address: 406-360 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S 1X1
Web site: Sex Therapy and Education
Phone: 416-922-7335
Began using films in work: 1976
Specialty: Focus is on sexual therapy of couples, and single men and women, with a highly effective, short term treatment method. Have produced and directed a number of films and videos to assist this work - some now are in worldwide circulation. One,Taking Time To Feel, was a finalist in the American Film Festival, New York City
Publications/presentations: Author of 1 book and 3 films/videos, as well as many papers, and workshops. Many appearances in the media (television, print, radio)

Dr. Fuat Ulus

Profession: Psychiatrist, Transactional Analyst
Primary occupation:
Full-time Medical Director of Behavioral Health Inpatient Unit
Degrees, professional certificates, licenses: Medical Doctor, Board Certified in Psychiatry
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Millcreek Community Hospital, Erie, PA 16509.
Address: BHU, MCH, 5515 Peach Street, Erie, PA 16509, USA
Web site:
Phone: (814) 868-8270
Fax: (814) 868-8274
Began using films in work: 1978
Specialty: Anti-mental health stigma work in the community, PTSD, burn-out, assertiveness and empowerment classes, cognitive-behavioral sessions designed for phobias- panic-stress-anxiety disorders
Publications/presentations: Authored book, Movie Therapy, Moving Therapy(2003), Trafford Publications; Presentations: Film Therapy Can Engage the Patients, American Psychiatric Association andinternational workshop; Articles: Clinical Psychiatry News, April 2003, Associated Press article with other experts picked up by CNN and many global newspapers

Birgit Wolz, Ph.D.

Profession: Psychotherapist
Primary occupation:
Private Practice
Degrees, professional certificates, licenses: Ph.D., MFT, Lic: MFC32637
Address: 4289 Piedmont Ave. #204, Oakland, CA 94611
Web site:;
Phone: 925.376.8359
Began using films in work: mid 1990s
Specialty: Cinema Alchemy, individual and group therapy that uses the power of movies for healing and transformation
Publications/presentations: Cinema Alchemy: A Movie Lover's Workbook for Healing and Transformation (to be published in 2004); numerous articles and workshops (for complete listing see Articles by Birgit and The Press Room.)