cinema therapy groups

About the cinema therapy group, facilitated by Birgit Wolz:

Cinema Therapy Group for personal and spiritual growth:

Using movies to help yourself through life's changes





A new cinema therapy group is forming in January 2003. We will meet on Piedmont Ave, in Oakland, on Wednesdays 7:15 to 8:45 p.m.

The existing Monday evening group (7:15 to 8:45 p.m.) may have new openings in March 2003.  

In these groups we will explore metaphors, plots and characters from certain movies to:

Group exploration and exercises will enable members to search the hidden depth of their unconscious to open up to the strength and resources that wait to be discovered there.  We will explore a new way of watching films that connects members to their higher possibilities long after they leave the group: they will be able to let movies inspire them to explore alternative ideas and paths during life's changes; they become a catalyst for healing and growth.

In these ongoing groups we meet weekly for an hour and a half. There is an initial 12-week commitment. New members can join every 12 weeks, if there is an opening in the group.  Every other week members watch a specific movie at home, if they have not seen it yet.  The movies will address different issues, qualities, emotions, and life questions — everything from uplifting films to movies, which inspire a new perspective, or model the development of new, inner resources. They may range from "The Shawshank Redemption" to "American Beauty" to Field of Dreams".

We will explore the impact, the symbolic process and the mythical messages of these movies.

We will use supportive exchange between group members, as well as guided imagery, writing and drawing exercises.

The group size is limited to eight members.

Movie expertise is not required.

There is a fee of $35 per session.

About creating your own cinema therapy support group

You can create your own cinema therapy support group by watching movies together and share how these films affected you afterwards or you can come together to discuss your insights after everybody watched a chosen film on their own.

For best possible outcome I recommend the following guidelines: