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Birgit's Publicity Photos

High resolution photos of Birgit Wolz are available in three formats. Choose the pic, the format and click! All files are compressed in ZIP format. They will download to wherever your browser is set to download files. Look for them there. If your decompression or "unzip" program is set up to automatically unzip them, they'll end up on your hard disc whereever you have your unzip program set to deposit them. (If you don't know, check the preferences).

The TIF's are about 500 kb, the PNG's are 300-400 kb and the JPG's are around 150 kb. When opened in an image editor all three will become the same size: 400-500 x 500-600 pixels, or 2 in. x 2 in. at roughly 300 pixels per inch, or about 1 mb file size.