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Psychiatric Rehabilitation services assist individuals with mental illness gain or regain valued roles in the community. Services may include choosing goals about future roles such as going to school or getting a job. A functional assessment is completed to determine the specific skills and supports needed to attain and maintain the goals individual has chosen. These specific skills are developed through group and individual sessions. Each phase of the program is driven by the person's chosen support system and needed skills to help them experience success and satisfaction in the community. The four domains addressed by the psychiatric Rehabilitation program are EDUCATION, VOCATION, SOCIAL and SELF-MAINTENANCE.

Using copyright secured commercial movie clips in group therapy & rehabilitation classes provides three E's for the participants: Entertainment, Education and Empowerment. The attendants always feel better once they are entertained, experiencing "colorful atmosphere" distinct from "black-and-white" climate of therapeutic setting in which they are addressed. They become more receptive discussing the characters and incidents watched on the screen, a neutral medium, without reservations hence better reception for education. Finally they draw parallels to the problems they have in their lives and empowered to resolve them.  


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Nine patients-M.F. Ulus, M.D.-Justin Disko, Rehab Counselor

Elizabeth - 1998

Elizabeth, newly crowned Queen of England, has a lot of challenges... Maintaining policy of King Henry VIII, her father, in disconnecting ties with Pope    & Catholicism is one of the most difficult one... Nicknamed "Bastard Queen" by her enemies, she is to be addressing to the Assembly regarding England's need of having only one belief system, the Church of England... She "practices" those opening sentences in her quarters by herself, gets discouraged, angry, tearful... She finally appears before the Assembly... Initially anxious and scared, slowly but steadily gets her momentum... The Queen does not react to any accusations generated by the most hostile members and instead "agrees" with them while she introduces her own views... She "cushions," "dilutes" and uses a lot of proper sense of humor turning the crowd from concerned & suspicious statesmen into comfortable & laughing audience that appears to be enjoying this entertainment... Once she gets that point, presents the "English Virtue" of common sense and asks the assembly think about that during the voting session of her proposal... and she... wins by five points...


The people who have already been stigmatized by their mental illness finds themselves of being "cornered" by the people around them, in the community, from time to time... The Queen gives a good example how any given patient may use the same tactics in resolving issues when s/he is "cornered" in the way the Queen experiences...

ROCKY III - 1982

Rocky has unexpectedly and badly beaten by Clubber Lang while losing his beloved couch to the heart attack hence experiencing terrible demoralization... He is to be meeting with Lang again and in total chaos, emotionally... His old nemesis Apollo Creed takes a pity on him and asks to join his training gang, practice "back to the streets" for him in regaining the "Eye of the Tiger..." Rocky reluctantly accepts this, takes his wife Adrian, brother-in-law and starts practice but... to no avail... no motivation... drives Apollo up to the walls... finally he was approached by Adrian who demonstrates the problem management style of a woman would be a bit different than that of a man... She emphasizes that he needs to put everything into this and even if he loses, loses without an excuse, getting rid of it, he would not be living the rest of his life "would-could-should have," try to see his actual capacity, if he can, that is fine, if cannot, that too is fine... Rocky who confesses that he has been afraid of all this, now, sees the situation in a different angle, decides to go ahead with it... Next day, Apollo finds a highly motivated Rocky to start getting the "Eye of the Tiger..."


Many mentally ill patients, based on their low morale perpetuated by their environment quit without actually trying to achieve... Everybody has a different capacity but even most minimal one may not be processed due to low self esteem... Adrian gives an excellent advice to all that we need to try what we can achieve first and only after that we decide whether we have enough resources & talents in achieving a given task... moving ahead...


Inept, awkward and incompetent Virgil is so frustrated in not achieving anything, decides to rob the bank... He gets a gun, hides it under his shirt and gives a note to a teller reflective of his demanding $50K, his putting it in a bag, acting natural, having a gun... The teller does not "decipher" what Virgil wrote on that piece of paper... He asks him what he means by "Acting natural!" Virgil tries to explain but the teller is still not sure what Virgil wants... He sends for his supervisor... He comes but this time whether "I have a gun" or "I have a gum" becomes the issue... After a few moments of discussion over syntax, diction and grammar issues of the written statement, the teller "guesses" that this is a hold up and upon affirmation given by Virgil wants to see his gun - within the line of ID! -... Virgil shows it and teller says that Virgil has to come around and initialize the request by the section manager office of which is adjacent to their location... This time Virgil has the task of going through the manager's authorization!!!


Regardless whether we have adequate & appropriate resources and talents, our environment that has already built an established & functional network sometimes fails to understand what we want to communicate & relate... Woody Allen's dark comedy reflects these "innovative & simple individual vs. concrete & complex" problems and while generates laughter among the audience it also encourages to discuss this sad issue experienced each individual watching the clip...