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Il Postino (The Postman) (in Italian)

Director: Michael Radford
Producer: Mario Cecchi Gori, Vittorio Cecchi Gori, Gaetano Daniele
Screenwriter: Anna Pavignano, Michael Radford, Furio Scarpelli, Giacomo Scarpelli, Massimo Troisi
Stars: Philippe Noiret, Massimo Troisi, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Renato Scarpa, Linda Moretti, Sergio Solli, Carlo Di Maio, Nando Neri, Vincenzo Di Sauro, Orazio Stracuzzi, Alfredo Cozzolino, Mariano Rigillo
MPAA Rating: PG
Year of Release: 1995
Released on Video: 01/28/97

Mario’s undiscovered talents and passionate heart never had reason to show themselves. His life on a quiet Italian island has been simple, carved out for him as it was by his fisherman father. But when renowned poet Pablo Neruda is sentenced to political exile there, Mario takes the job of delivering his daily fan mail and gradually becomes friends with the famous man. Neruda introduces Mario to poetry and helps him win the heart of a local beauty that had never given Mario a second thought.

Viewing Suggestions:

Notice the tenderness in the relationship between Mario and Neruda, as well as the authenticity that Mario displayed. Also, watch how Mario discovers his passion for poetry and how he and Pablo Neruda are true to their passions.

Ask Yourself:

- Would you like to bring more tenderness and/or authenticity into your relationships?
- How would your life be change if you were more tender and authentic in your relationships and applied determination to pursuing your passion as Mario and Pablo do?
- Do you have a passion that you have not fully realized yet?
- Would you like to pursue your goals with more determination?
- Have you pursued anything in your life with determination?
- Imagine that you apply Mario’s and Pablo’s determination to pursuing your own passion.