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The Piano

Director: Jane Campion
Producer: Jan Chapman
Screenwriter: Jane Campion
Stars: Holly Hunter, Harvey Keitel, Sam Neill, Anna Paquin, Kerry Walker, Geneviève Lemon, Tungia Baker
MPAA Rating: R
Year of Release: 1993
Released on Video: 01/01/94

Sometimes help comes from unexpected places. Set in the 19th Century frontier forests of New Zealand, Ada arrives on the shore with her young daughter and a crated piano, having agreed to an arranged marriage to Stewart, a bachelor farmer. Ada hasn’t spoken since she was six. We are not told why. Her daughter, who translates her sign language, and her piano, are her only means of communication. Stewart, who cares little for communicating with Ada, considers the piano of little use in carving a life from the rain-soaked forest and instructs his Maori tribesmen to leave it on the beach. But when Ada uncrates it there and plays it, neighbor Baines hears the music and offers to trade Stewart land in exchange for the instrument. Baines then uses the piano to seduce Ada, trading her the opportunity to play for intimate favors. But the seduction turns out to be more complicated than either of them thought.

Viewing Suggestion:

Watch how Ada stays true to her passion, which is playing her piano. Her determination helps her overcome many severe challenges.

Ask Yourself:

- Do you have a passion that you have not fully realized yet?
- Do you believe that you will never be able to realize this passion in life?
- Have you pursued anything in your life with determination?
- Imagine that you apply Ada’s determination to pursuing your own passion.