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The Other Sister

Director: Garry Marshall
Producer: Mario Iscovich, Alexandra Rose, Karen Stirgwolt
Screenwriter: Garry Marshall, Bob Brunner
Stars: Juliette Lewis, Diane Keaton, Tom Skerritt, Giovanni Ribisi
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Year of Release: 1999
Released on Video: 09/07/99

Clara is a mentally retarded woman of considerable spirit. Instead of succumbing to the well-meant, protective urgings of family and friends, she shrugs off their limited view of her potential and signs up for a vocational training class where she meets and falls in love with a retarded man. They want to live a normal life together as a couple, but find that her family resists the idea, especially when it comes to sex. But rather than give in to the pressure, they hold fast to their dream. The film illustrates how tenacious determination to fight off prejudice sometimes can win the world over.

Viewing Suggestion:

Notice how Carla accepts who she is and focuses on creating the life she wants for herself instead of being concerned about what other people think about her.

Ask Yourself:

- Do you sometimes experience low self-esteem because you feel different from people around you?
- Do you remember a – possibly exceptional - situation in which you actually liked being different or received positive feedback for it?
- Could you consider accepting yourself if even Clara in the movie found self-acceptance?
- How would increased self-acceptance serve you?