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Kolya (In Czech and Russian)

Starring: Zdenek Sverák, Andrei Chalimon, etc.
Director: Jan Sverák
Rated: PG 13
Year of Release: (1996)
Video Release Date: July 2, 2002

Making the best of “bad” circumstances, confirmed bachelor musician Kolya finds he is suddenly left in charge of a five-year-old boy, Louka, when his Soviet mother abandons him to join her boyfriend. His initial eagerness for the boy to be shipped off to a state-sponsored foster family slowly changes during the months he is forced into the role of care-giver. Despite that fact that Louka speaks only Russian and Kolya speaks little, by the time the boy’s mother returns to reclaim him, the two have grown to love one another. But their sadness at having to separate is offset by the fact that Kolya has learned he is still capable of feeling real love.

Viewing Suggestion:

Watch how the Louka’s and Kolya’s hearts grow together over time, even though they do not understand each other’s native language.

Ask Yourself:

- Do you believe that your relationship(s) will never change for the better?
- Did some of your relationships undergo changes over long periods of time?
- Were changes in the relationship between Louka and Kolya similar or different from the changes in yours?
- Are you willing to tolerate the different kinds of emotions that often change relationships?
- Do you sense what could help you to move toward forgiveness if your friend or partner made a mistake?
- Have you experienced getting emotionally closer to somebody, child or adult, when you got to know him or her as shown in Kolya? You may have even first rejected this person. Keep an open mind for this to happen again in other relationships.