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Absolutely Positive (1990)
An Early Frost (1985)
Dallas Buyers Club (2013)
Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story (2003, TV)
Love! Valor! Compassion! (1997)
Philadelphia (1993)


"Hallmark Hall of Fame" Aunt Mary (1979) (TV Film)


23 Paces to Baker Street (1956)
80 Steps to Jonah (1969)
Imagine (2012)
Ray (2004)


50/50 (2011)
American Friend, The (1977)
Beginners (2011)
Spoiler Alert (2022)
Terms of Endearment (1983)
Walk to Remember, A (2002)


Children of a Lesser God (1986)
CODA (2021)
Miracle Worker, The (1962)
Mr. Holland's Opus (1995)


Beauty and the Beast (1991)


Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot (2018)
Mask (1994)
Music Within (2007)
Passion Fish (1992)
Waterdance, The (1992)


Adventures of Baron Munchhausen, The (1988)
Ballad of the Sad Café, The (1991)
Station Agent, The (2003)

Limb & Spinal

23 Paces to Baker Street (1956)
Born on the Fourth of July (1989)
Whose Life Is It Anyway? (1981)

Polio and Post-Polio

Affair, The (1973) (TV film)
Ape, The (1940)

Stress/Type A

Multiplicity (1996)

Severe Illness

Bang the Drum Slowly (1973)
Lorenzo's Oil (1992)

Traumatic Brain Injury

Regarding Henry (1991)