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Mental and Emotional Illness

Burning Bed
Call Me Anna
Closet Land
Cries From the Heart
Cry for Help
David's Mother
Dialogues with Madwomen
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Face to Face
Falling Down
Family of Strangers
Fatal Attraction
Fear Inside
Field of Dreams
Fisher King
For the Love of Nancy
I Know My First Name Is Steven
In the Best Interest of the Child
Jungle Fever
Karen Carpenter Story
Mommie Dearest
Mr. Jones
'Night, Mother
On Golden Pond
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Ordinary People
Picture of Dorian Gray
Play Misty for Me
Prince of Tides
Rain Man
Sid and Nancy
Silence of the Lambs
Sleeping With the Enemy
Sophie's Choice
Three Faces of Eve
Three Nuts in Search of a Bolt (1964)
The Theresa Saldana Story
The Tracey Thurman Story
Victims for Victims
War of the Roses
Wizard of Oz
Woman Under the Influence