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Certificate in Cinema Therapy



Certificate Program for Mental Health Professionals:

The combination of images, music, dialogue, lighting, camera angles, and sound effects in a film mimic thoughts and feelings that occur in our consciousness. Movies draw us into the viewing experience, but at the same time afford a unique opportunity to retain a perspective outside the experience, the observer's view. Therefore films are particularly well suited to facilitate the therapeutic process, to depict psychological phenomena, and to discuss ethical dilemmas.

This first-of-its-kind program offers the unique opportunity to receive a comprehensive education in Treatment and Education through Cinema, to get certified in this field, and receive CE credits. The course teaches how to use the power of movies in the therapeutic process of adults as well as children and adolescents. Clinicians also learn to integrate the transformational effects of films into their work through Positive Cinema Therapy. And students of this program will be able to apply their decision-making process to legal and ethical considerations through the presentation of a series of film vignettes and ethical commentary on these vignettes. The sections Therapeutic Ethics in Movies and Therapeutic Boundaries in Films fulfill California and other states' ethics and law requirements. These parts of the program may qualify for an insurance discount. The entire certificate program includes seven online courses, a 20 minute interview with Dr. Birgit Wolz and an extensive listing of therapeutic themes and relevant movies.

37 CE Credits

Continuing education credits are available for Psychologists (APA), MFTs & LCSWs (CA-BBS), Social Workers (ASWB) and counselors in California and other states. Click here for more information.




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